Oh, Henry!

Remember my photo shoot a few months ago, with Colleen + Riley?

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It was only time until their little guy, Henry, made his grand entrance.  Henry was born ON Thanksgiving!  What a fun birthday to have!  At only 10 days old, I had the pleasure of getting to know this sweet baby, while I photographed him at every angle. 

This was my first real newborn shoot, and I couldn’t have been more excited.  I have photographed a few newborns before, but never with a whole kit of supplies, ready to go!  Henry couldn’t have been any more perfect, for the entire three hours I shooting. 

He was bright eyed + content for most of the shoot, but did manage to catch a little shut eye.  I definitely got lucky with a very calm baby to work with.  Colleen + Riley were also very relaxed parents, which helped immensely. 

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At 10 days old, Henry is already FULL of personality. 

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Just lounging around!

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Dad plays hockey for the Colorado Eagles, which makes this next shot extra special!  Cutest booties ever.

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I just loved Henry’s full head of every-which-way hair!

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Baby feet.  Love.

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Family time.

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Such sweet expressions on both of their faces.  And look at that hair!

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Blooper!  Do you see the problem here?  Always prepared!

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Sweet moments as new parents.

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Grandma made an appearance as well!

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Wishing Colleen, Riley + Henry all the best this holiday season!


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