logan, dominic + karlee

When my good friend Megan asked me to take photos of her 3 kiddos, I was more than excited.  First, I new it would be a challenge working with three little ones.  And I'm always up for a challenge.  Second, I love Megan's kids!  Megan and I go way back.  All the way back to middle school and sumer after summer of softball.  Where has the time gone?? Since moving away, we've always stayed close, and I've loved getting to see her family grow over the years.

I was recently back home in Ohio, and got to spend time with Megan and her newest addition, Karlee.  Karlee is a sweet, happy baby.  She was a definite trooper, as I rolled her around, changed her clothes, gently nudged her awake, messed with her headband, etc.  She was full of cute expressions, the entire time I was clicking away.  Even her cries were adorable.  

Don't you just want to squeeze her?

"Put my clothes back on please!!"

What a sweet little face.

Wouldn't you agree?

And now onto the boys.  Meet Logan [almost 6] and Dominic [2].  They are total boys and have a great brotherly relationship.  We headed outside to try and catch some photos of these two.  And by try, I mean, what do you think happens when you take two boys outside in nice weather to take photos??  They run around.  Obviously!  Logan was such a good sport and a great role model to Dominic, because Dominic wanted to copy everything Logan did.  Logan is definitely a cool older brother! 

You can definitely see their personalities shining through in some of these photos!  

Is this not the BEST, I'm a trouble maker face, ever??

Love those eyes!

Dom, making a guest appearance in this photo.

Ugh!  That little smirk!!  

"I give up!!"

Dad jumped in to help get a big smile out of Dom.  Totally worked!

Logan.  My little photo model prodigy. 

LOVE these three!!

Thanks Megan + Anthony, for letting me capture your lovely family!